JBL / JBL OCS Series

Specifications & Features

Quick connect, easy installation via captive screws. On/Off switch

Multiple knockout locations for easy wiring. JBL direct wire junction box at just under 1” in height in work with our LLE, T3, T4 and T4E series. While used with our LLE series it will also provide on/off switch function.


JBL is available is Silver, Bronze and white finished. Electrical rating is 120V input.


JBL-OCS-120V is direct wire junction box including on/off switch function with an occupancy sensor. JBL-OCS-277V is direct wire junction box with an occupancy sensor for T4E series 277V fixture only. All JBL / JBL OCS have 1/2” knockout and captive screws for quick installation.





for T4E, T4, T3 and LLE





W = 6.5" / 8" D = 1.5"





Technical Specifications:

  • 3 finishes for JBL and 2 finishes for JBL-OCS
  • 120V and 277V systems
  • Direct wire junction box with on/off switch
  • Direct linkable with fixture using flex connectors (LJP)
  • Direct linkable with fixture using connectors
  • Canada / USA ETL Listing





WH          SV           BZ





  • Complete ready to install fixture
  • Captive mounting screw already on fixture
  • 1/2 metallic cable clamps (2 pieces) •On/off switch
  • 120V 60Hz

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